Top 10 Casino Sites for Underdogs

Online CasinoIf there’s one thing that’s an absolute certainty in the online casino world, it’s that if you live in the right country, there’s more than enough online casinos to go around, way more than you could possibly want or need. They spring up like mayflowers, popping up literally everywhere practically at a glance even if you’ve never asked for them… Actually, is that what mayflowers do? I may have the wrong metaphor here, and I’m too lazy to look it up. My point is that while quite a lot of sites online are trying to convince you that you must absolutely join THIS ONE SINGLE VERY PARTICULAR CASINO SITE BECAUSE LITERALLY EVERYTHING ELSE EVER IS BAD, obviously that’s not at all the case, and also protip, most sites that just recommend a single online casino are just advertising it and not giving you an honest opinion. The real articles are easy to tell because they provide you with a choice, which is what you need. Out of the dozens upon dozens of options available to you, which ones are the best as far as underdogs are concerned?

Earlier on this blog, I’ve used the term “underdog” to refer to literally all gamblers, because the odds are never stacked in our favor, and I still stand by that definition. However, in this particular article, I’d like to use the term just a bit more literally, by defining through it a person who is at a disadvantage, someone who lacks the opportunities of their peers. In this context, I would assume that the underdogs of the online casino world are those that can’t afford to high roll, who need to take advantage of generous offers, who need a good variety of games because they can’t spend their nights betting hundreds on Blackjack every Saturday. I was looking for casinos that would be useful to the types of people that online casinos generally don’t care all that much about, the folks that want to play, but want to play smart without losing their house along the way.

I have to say that it wasn’t all that easy to find even one casino to recommend that fit my criteria, let alone ten, but surprisingly, there were other people like me out there who shared the same sentiment as me. The best example I could find is certainly /, whose top 10 list is one that I could absolutely get behind 100%, and I say that without a hint of bias. Their ranking is based on user ratings rather than stuff such as the limits of the live French roulette table, so literally the only thing that determines whether Casino A is higher than Casino B is how many underdogs like you and me liked it. And at the end of the day, I don’t think we could be asking for anything more when narrowing down the choices.



In my first blog post, I shared my theory about casino players being underdogs. That’s so simply because the house always has an edge over the players, even if that edge is quite insignificant at certain games, such as some blackjack variations, but we’ll talk about that in detail some other time.

faceHowever, you shouldn’t play the victim and just give up on trying to improve your conditions as a player. It’s not only you that gets exploited by the casino system. We’re all in the same boat but some are using whatever they can find to paddle and others are just throwing money into the ocean trying to build a bridge.

There are, actually, some celebrity underdogs. Have you heard of Phil Ivey? You probably know him as one of the greatest pro poker players of all times. Lately, however, he’s been in the news with two lawsuits. It turns out that in 2012, Ivey and his casino partner Cheng Yin Sun noticed a defect in a certain brand of cards and exploited that in a few sessions of baccarat at two casinos – the Crockfords Club in Mayfair in London and the Borgata in Atlantic City. As a result, the players won £7.7m in London and $10.1m in Atlantic City.

Two years later, in 2014, both casinos filed similar lawsuits, claiming Ivey had cheated and won by using “edge sorting”. The Borgata management went so far as to claim they were a victim because they had agreed to 5 unusual requests, such as to turn the cards 180 degrees, because they trusted Ivey. The Borgata representatives accused Ivey of getting an advantage over the house.

Imagine one of the most powerful casinos in the world, a gaming landmark, claiming they were too naïve and were fooled by a single player into giving him over 10 million dollars. And all that when “edge sorting” is not illegal in the first place! And what a double standard! Casinos all over the world take millions out of players by the minute, using their advantage over the players, which is ingrained in the game rules, but when a player uses his cunning and skills to gain advantage, he’s a villain.

poker2Ivey never got the money from Crockfords Club and was recently ordered by a federal judge to return the money he’d won from the Borgata. While, at the same time, I’m pretty sure, a lawsuit with the roles exchanged would have simply been dismissed and laughed at. The fact that Ivey is a public person makes it even better for the casino industry to turn him into an example of what happens when you mess with casinos.

Actually, the casino conspiracy, though it’s no conspiracy really as it’s put there in plain English even if it comes in fine print, is that no one can beat the house, less so hope to do so all the time. If I may paraphrase the quote often wrongfully attributed to Abraham Lincoln, “You can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time”, it would go something like this: You can win at some casino games some of the time but you cannot win at any of them all of the time.

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The Underdogs: All about Games and Online Playing

I’m an underdog. You’re an underdog, too. In the world of casino games, we are all underdogs. Why, you might ask. Well, let me explain.

winLet’s first look at the word “underdog”. The Free Dictionary defines it as 8133346289. Now, let’s turn to the world of casino games. No matter if we’re talking about online casinos or the land-based ones, the player is always the one more likely to lose. You could say that the player is an underdog. Casino games have varying degrees of house edge but still the casino advantage is present in each and every one of them. So, no matter how good you might be at a certain game, you’re more likely to lose than to win in the long run.

Then, what? Should we sit around and wait for casinos to take our hard-earned cash just like that? Or maybe we should give up playing games entirely? Knowing how much pleasure and profit online gaming could bring, I would be the last one to discourage anyone from gaming. But I wouldn’t advise you to just play the sitting duck, either.

What do I propose? Come join the Underdog Gang! I’ll be your Top UnderDog leading you, underdogs, to victory. I’ll show you how to bring the house down, to turn the tables in your favour and to beat the dealer. I’ll teach you whatever tricks I’ve learnt through the years of playing at online and land-based casinos. And what’s the best thing? You’ll get it all for free. Yes, sometimes the best things in life are, indeed, free. What’s the catch? There’s no catch. Just sit patiently because I’ll be doing this good deed in my spare time. I can’t quit my day job, you know.

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